The New Moon in Scorpio, the time we lift the veil and go inwards to seek direction on how to be our authentic self.  Scorpio energy does not hold the energy of society, and nor does it wish to.  To be able to lift the veil and to see where we ourselves want to journey on our path.

This New Moon will occur on November 13, 2023 at 4:27am, and will be 20 degrees sitting conjunct with the Sun and Mars.  Shining light and giving you confidence, strength and the drive to find your authentic path.

Scorpio energy wants you to listen to you, your own authentic self, it does not worry about what others or society says or dictates.  Scorpio beats a drum to their own path.

With this New Moon, it is about asking yourself, what do you need?  How can I step up and own my own path?!

Use the energy of Scorpio to build your confidence. Use this Heart-Brain Alignment from Renee Atkins, so that you can connect inward and allow yourself to feel. That is it, just allow yourself to feel.

During the New Moon, Neptune is activated, as it sits in trine with Sun, Moon, + Mars.  This is a time where you can use your strength and confidence to shed that light when you lift the veil and meet those shadows.  Scorpio is friends with the shadows, so use this transit to work with energy that can often make some of us high tail it the other way.

The New Moon is also activiating Uranus, the planet that shakes things up for us!  Uranus’s energy is in taurus high lighting our values and worth and paving the way with a slow and steady energy to where we are truly comfortable.

Uranus’s energy does not like us to be stagnant, nor does it like to sit in a box, it is a rebel, it will re-invent who you are, because like Scorpio, society’s values and worths are not important, your authentic self is.

The New Moon is when it is at its darkest, and meeting up with Scorpio’s love for the shadows, use this time to sink in and feel who you are. Use the beauty and magick of the moon, to plant those authentic seeds that will help you on your path!

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!