a rooted space

to gather and grow





Welcome to Journey Haven!

A place where you have adventures, explore nature + have fun learning mindful tools + skills with activities + games
in a rooted space to gather and grow.


Exciting NEWS!!!

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we are thrilled to share that we are partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in Ontario for every program or service that you participate in.

Trees clean our air and water, create habitat for biodiversity, contribute to our health and well-being, and create jobs for social impact. We are honored to include supporting reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model.


Registration for our School Year is now OPEN

Stacey Palen is joining us for her Home Alone course on October 20, 2023

*** this is seperate registration cost, and can be found when registering for the PA Day.  You can add a half a day of camp to join us as well.


“To raise a nature-bonded child is to raise a rebel, a dreamer, an innovator… someone who will walk their own verdant, winding path.”

– Nicolette Sowder

Have you ever noticed how much happier we are outside.  Working with children and youth, we noticed how necessary it was to help them disconnect to reconnect.  Disconnecting from technology, not feeling like they are at a crossroads, fitting into a box – reconnecting with themselves, slowing down, and exploring the world around them.

We have found that cultivating + fostering a mindful + nature-based approach to our children + youth gives them respect, aspirations, a whole new world to navigate, and finding that haven that allows them to be authentic.

Working together to tear down walls for children + youth, to discover the world they are in, in a natural environment, where all they have to do is explore and be adventerous in the environment, while learning new mindful tools to help regulate their emotions and social skills.










To cultivate Journey Haven as a diverse + inclusive community.  Fostering opportunities that incorporate, but do not limit, our physical, emotional + spiritual growth into a transformative connection through mindfulness + nature-based environments.













We accept + encourage our own authentic self + those we interact with.

We love + respect with integrity.

We connect with inner bravery + courage.

We foster humility + insight for emotional growth.

We guide empowerment + inspire confidence.

We encourage independence + creativity.

We foster + cultivate an inclusive space for all individuals with respect + love.








Our Values

Safety is always at the top of our priorities for all of our programs and events to ensure that you are safe while receiving high quality programs.

Mastery is always integrated into the cultivation of every program, as we know that everyone is at different stages in their lives.

Play + fun is always had with Journey Haven, as we learn best when we are in a positive mindset and space.

An inclusive environment for all persons who gather + grow at Journey Haven is at the top of our list, ensuring that our Missions, Vision + Values are implemented and adhered to for everyone.

Generosity is always given so that we may learn the art of gratitude + service to our community + families.

Striving for a high excellence standard, so that everyone who comes to gather and grow at Journey Haven, knows that they will receive high quality program and services that are planned and implemented with high standard policies and procedures.

A stewardship to the earth that we live on will be our focus as we encourage exploration and show respect as we navigate nature.

Encourage the fostering of a nature-based learning and development through engaging in experiences + play outdoors.










We acknowledge the truth + reconciliation that we live + work on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Peoples.

We are expressing a gratitude + appreciation to the territory of land in which we live on, as we honour the Indigenous peoples who have been living on this land from time immemorial.

Our ability to be working and living here now—is a direct benefit of policies of expulsion and assimilation of Indigenous peoples during the time of settlement and Confederation, and since. The harms of these policies are many and are still being felt in Indigenous communities today.