Another fun game for the kids to have fun, and no one sits out on this out!  A fun game of tag.

Equipment: None Required

How to Play:

One camper will stand in the middle of the field, while the other campers stand at one end of the gym on a line or the end of a field.  This camper is ‘it’.

The camper in the middle calls out ‘octopus’.

All the campers try their best to run to the other side without getting caught or going past the boundaries.

If a camper is caught, they become seaweed, and sit where caught. If a camper goes out of the boundaries that are set up, then they too are seaweed and will sit where they left the boundaries.

Seaweed’s goal is to try and help the camper who is ‘it’ to catch more campers and have them become seawood. Seaweed can not get up, only move in the spot they are in.


If the camper who is ‘it’ is having trouble catching the other campers, the leader can say seaweed alive. Seawood can now run to catch others.  They must return to their spots where they were caught.

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