The New Moon in Cancer happens on July 17, 2023, with the Sun in Cancer, we have that permission, or feeling to nurture ourselves.  Allowing ourselves to be drawn to the Moon’s mothering energy.  The Moon is quite at home in Cancer, which is why there is a shift in our emotions.  If you happen to feel a need to cry, allow it to happen.

There is also a shift with the Lunar Nodes shifting into Libra/Aries, changing the karmic past, so we may feel heightened energies.

Also, we are still in the shadows of Venus, who is getting ready to retrograde on July 22, 2023, and she will have us address matters of the heart, of what be avoiding, or have not addressed.

Fear not, Mars transitioned into Virgo, and he will help us get things on track, strategize, streamline things; so we can lean into him to settle our emotions.

Remember that the New Moon is all about New Intentions, and working with the energy of General Mars, we can put those energys to good use, making plans, revitalizing things that have been put down for a bit because they may feel daunting.

Enjoy the feminine energy of this Cancer Moon, as we walk into Leo season shortly, and our passions will be lit up, and let that creativity flow then.  So for now, slow down, honour yourself, and love yourself!

Love always,


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