repost – – April 16, 2023


The air has been sizzling with energy.

Spring Equinox and the Aries season has started the process of renewal and rebirth.  Mother Nature is waking up.  The birds are chirping.  The trees are budding.  Spring flowers are popping up.  The need to move the dust and declutter is releasing things you no longer need for the new that is coming into your life.

We went through a Full Moon Libra that was healing and releasing emotional relationships.  Whether it was with yourself, your spouse, a job… we have relationships with many things.  With the Full Moon it gives us that healing energy to release and let go things that are no longer serving us, big or small.

Now, coming up we have the Aries New Moon, with a Solar Eclipse.  Can you feel the intensity of that energy?!

Take this time to plant seeds, like a farmer tending to his land.  This is the time to begin new pathways and journeys.  Allowing the doors that closed from the Full Moon, to open new doors of opportunity with this New Moon!

Use the Aries energy that is full of leadership and drive to flow through as you begin to set intentions, visualize new beginnings or opportunities that you have been wanting to explore, and allow yourself to be open to the abundance that Universe can deliver to you.

With Aries high energy in this super charged moon, remember that you may need to exercise patience and selflessness.  Aries being a fire sign, can burn hard and fast, and release your anger, and you may find yourself ego driven, impulsive and destructive.

Our own inner fire is being brought forward with this eclipse new moon, showing us that we can take the ownership by standing up for ourselves, take on that leadership quality that Aries have naturally;  or we take ownership over the destruction we have caused in and around us.

On April 20, 2023 at 12:12am(EST) the Aries New Moon it sits on the 29th degree, which is the end of the zodiac and the season of Taurus beings, and so this being at the end + an eclipse this gives it extra energy, pushing for closure and new beginnings.

Remember you are the co-creator of your Universe, your path + journey.  You are the one who plants the seeds, be sure to give it the elemental energy that it needs.  Each element is unique, and looking further into your chart to see where the moon sits in your chart, you can understand where you are to navigate, and where to nourish the healing + journey process.

Happy Aries New Moon – Solar Eclipse!