Tick season is back, and full swing!  Ticks are most active in the spring + fall, and will remain active in the summer!  As soon as the weather hits 4°c‏, the ticks become awake + active.

Ticks can be found when you are:

  • hiking
  • gardening
  • playing in the grass
  • near long grass

How can you try to avoid ticks:

  • cover up
  • wear long pants
  • tuck your pant leg into your socks
  • closed toe shoes
  • avoid tall grasses
  • wear light clothing
  • pull long hair back into a pony tail
  • use insect repellent that has “deet” in it, especially if you can’t wear pants

Do a check on yourself or the kiddos when out in areas where ticks can be found, look:

  • behind the knees
  • on your head
  • in your belly button
  • in your groin area
  • under your arm
  • your back

It is hard to avoid areas where ticks are, as their playground is also our playground, but taking the necessary precautions + preventive measures can create an environment for us where we are tick-aware!

Attached are links, and images from the goverment of Canada, and other amazing information!  Journey Haven + the team are not Tick Care Specialists, nor are we Health Care Specialists.