Jenny Stasik-Cates

Founder/Executive Director

Jenny has always enjoyed working with people of all ages, especially with youth.  She brings experience from many different fields she has worked in.

When she worked as an Educational Assistant – Intensive Support for one of the local school boards, she found that kids had a hard time regulating themselves and their emotions.  Bring in COVID, and it was even harder for youth to connect with themselves, and everything around them.

She is excited to work on bringing Journey Haven to a place that people will be excited to gather + explore their environment and themselves, and helping each individual gain knowledge of the tools and skills that will work for them.

Ally Stasik


Ally cannot wait for summer camps to start so she can explore the river beds with the kids, along with STEM and potions that Harry Potter theme is bringing to the camps this year.

Ally is working on her Traditional Herbal Diploma along with Ayurveda.  Her love of nature, science, and holistic work continues to fuel her curosity for learning.

She enjoys her walks, getting ready for camp, and spending time with her family!

Angie Quigley

Health Leader

Angie is pumped and ready for another year of spending the time outdoors with all the campers.  

During the school year, Angie works as an RPN for kids who need assistant with health needs while attending school.  

She has two huskies that she loves to hike with everyday, and all three amigos get in trouble.

Angie is like a 12 year old kid, that loves to explore just as hard as each camper we have.


Jaseena Cates


Jaseena has been a huge assest on the Journey Haven team.  She enjoys assisting with the games and activities that require the kids to develop + enhance sportsmanship + empathy, along with guiding and supporting their adventures + exploration.

Jaseena has received her Junior Black Belt from Stonetown Karate in St. Marys, where she enjoyed the competiveness and family like environment.

In the winters Jaseena loves to play ringette, and in the summer time, she has found a new love of fastball playing with the Exeter Extremes.

When Jaseena is not busy with school or sports, she enjoys relaxing at home.  She also enjoys spending time with her family + friends

Teagan Denomme


Teagan has joined us for the first time this year, and has already shown her leadership skills during March Break.  She is empathetic, and ensures that each camper has a great experience.

Teagan loves to play hockey in the winter months, and in the summer she loves a bit of fastball for the summer.

She enjoys campfires, and spending time with her family and friends.  During the summer months her and her family love to spend time taking the trailer to unwind.  Teagan also enjoys cooking with her dad, and playing with her puppy Finn.



Ava will be joining us for week this summer in Exeter, and we can’t to have her.  A former camper, who enjoys crafts and great company.

When Ava is not at camp she enjoys skating, soccer, swimming, arts + crafts, school and spending time with family + friends.

She will be a great addition to our team, as she is kind, empathetic, with a little bit of goofiness mixed in.



Pawsitive Leader

Capers works for treats, and can’t wait to be pet + loved.  He will be joining the camps this year to help with transitions, or to help us chill out like him.  

He loves to work with kids, and is always there to reassure with his warm presence. 

On his time off, he loves to chase squirrels, bark at the neighbours to come say hello and not ignore him, and hang out his family!


For more information, visit our Leadership Program page.