guided empowerment + inspired confidence

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Innerconnection Life Coach

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch, but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself.

– Charlie Wardle

Jenny Lynn offers a space to be empowered and inspired with confidence, providing you with the guidance and support you need to embark on your personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Jenny is a seasoned coach and intuitive astrologer who will guide you to navigate life’s obstacles with newfound clarity, direction, and purpose.

Cultivate a life path that nurtures personal growth and embraces the intersection of your interconnected self. Discover awareness within your mind, body, soul, emotions, and social connections. Uncover the answers that lie within the depths of your being.

Embrace the beauty of our imperfect paths

as we journey towards discovering our authentic selves.

Delve deep within, where the answers lie waiting to be found.

Looking Towards the Stars

guided empowerment navigating the path of the stars +

inspired confidence for transformation of your authentic self

Unlock your stars in your chart, watching the planets and stars come alive in your chart + dance in front of you as you navigate to your North Star.

Cultivate a life path to evolve + foster the crossroads of your innerconnected self.

mind + body + soul + emotional + social

Your natal chart is yours, like a fingerprint, so unique.  You have the ability to work the energies as you anchor your roots into the ground + stretch your branches towards the stars that are shining bright, + ready to unfold their knowledge to you.


Creating an awareness to the magic that is yours to be hold, and held in your natal chart.  Awake the vision of YOU, and attune into your new adventures.


Connect your awareness and discover your worth and your own offerings.  Taking a deeper look into your cosmic navigation, and create a vision of your own path.


Attune into your confidence, as your evoke an awakening to your path.  Cultivate experiences that are purposeful to you.


I’ve always tended to stay in my own little bubble, my own mind, never really ventured out and definitely have trouble trusting, struggle to find myself and put me first.  I was hesitant and had my doubts at first and thought the whole process was crazy and far out there.  But was willing to give it a try.  I quickly came to realize coaching is just a person you can talk to, who won’t judge, will be there for you and put trust in them to help you discover who you need or want to be.
With each new session, you discover more about yourself and come to realize that you have the strength within you.  It just takes time and commitment not to quit when things start to get tough and rocky.  Having an amazing person beside you to help you discover your journey plays a very important key factor.  Each session has helped me to realize we are only one person and can only carry so much before you break.  At the end of each session, it leaves me feeling relaxed, confident and excited for the next steps to keep moving forward, knowing there will always be a down side as will.
We all need some form of a coach in our lives but have trouble finding that. We all don’t play sports, or have older siblings, or someone to look up to, or someone can fully put our trust into.  We all struggle from time to time throughout life and finding that one person is a gift.  Jenn understands each person is different and has their own story and journey to tell but is willing to help you.  You just have to ask for it. Jenn makes you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed as she listens and helps guide you along with your struggles, strengths and all the uncertainties that may arise.  She’s a person you can build a relationship with and put forth trust into her.  She is willing to take whatever steps that are needed to help discover who you are, where you need to go, or want to go.
Your unsure of yourself, looking to break free from whatever may be weighing on your mind and body; reach out and find your person.  Jenn is great and confident at what she does.

N., Ontario, Canada

This woman is, amazing! Get a reading from her!! Empowering, accurate and awesome! She is amazing! I am floored she even picked you on things happening now! She is incredible!! Incredible! Incredible!

Bronwyn, Ontario, Canada

Jenny has great insight and speaks through her heart when she is coaching. Jenny helps you get to emotions that are needed by empowering you.

Renee A, Colorado, USA

Jen was really good at breaking my thoughts down and helping me discover a tactic that would help me cope with them. She was also very understanding and comforting make my experience as comfortable as possible!

Kelsi R., Ontario, Canada

I enjoyed hearing Jenny’s view on my astrology chart. She had some great insight on how I can use certain aspects on my career. I love how we can use such a powerful tool to help problem solve and empower us in our journey.

Cara D., USA

Jenny was a pleasure to work with. She’s so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. She created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to get comfortable in. Our session involved astrology, which I really loved, and she had a lot of helpful guidance, which led to some great internal insights for me.

Lana J., USA

My session with Jenny was amazing, she read my birth chart and everything was on point. She provided with a safe space, clarity, and some peace into my mind at that moment.

Gina, USA

It was a very pleasant experience. Jen listened to everything I was saying and took into consideration the struggles and problems that I wanted to talk about. She supported me and made me feel like it was okay to talk about my problems and to be able to put myself first before everyone else, she gave me great advice and was able to show me how it’s not selfish to put your needs first. Overall Jen is very insightful and attentive and I really enjoyed this experience.

Madison R., Ontario, Canada

Jenny was Fantastic! I really enjoyed her explaining my chart in depth and explaining it so I could understand. She was really followed me when invested off. I would love to work with her again!!

Sam S., USA

First off, Jenny was very gracious when I erred on the time zone for our session. I was grateful that she squeezed me in because I was very excited to see how the astrological reading would play into the coaching. Jenny confirmed a lot of aspects of what I already knew or had a hunch about with myself so the validation was great to hear. I found Jenny to be generous with listening and providing feedback which makes talking to her easy to do. Her energy felt safe and that helped me share things that not a lot of people know.

Dinah, Washington, USA

Jenny did an excellent Astrology coaching session. Halfway through we realized there was a difference in date.. she rebounded well and thoroughly completed the session on the fly! Great job. I will definitely book another session

Rochelle, USA

Jennifer is amazing! She gave me so much clarity and direction when I needed it the most. Truly mind-blowing experience.

Mike L., Colarado, USA