Last night, I sat with my soon-to-be teen, having a conversation about the pride steps that are in the high school that I attended, and now she does.  She wanted to know if they were there when I went.  I wanted to say ‘yes’, but I couldn’t.  Instead I talked about why it was not.

The first thing we talked about… we, even now as society, puts everything into a category.  This seems to be comforting for most people.  It can’t touch them; or the energy remains theres and others. There is no full acceptance holistically as a human being for everyone, yet, I hope one day there will be, but I will probably not be alive to see this.

When I was growing up, some people were able to love and become friends, but I can remember it was still a closed door issue.  This issue for society has many symptoms: fear, shame, ridicule, idealogy of being the same, the list really is quite long.  Sometimes opening that door, means change, people fear change and the unknown.

I told her about a story about Matthew Shepherd, we had to look it up, I couldn’t remember all the details, I just remembered being in college.  I was horrified that someone could hurt someone for just who they were. The part I always remember was that he was tied up to a fence, for hours, and was later found with his tears making paths down his cheeks that were covered in his blood.  This was a beautiful young man, who I did not know, but his story of being hurt just because someone feared him for his choice in who would love.

I am not going to pretend to know what it is like in the Queer community, what they have had to go through, but I am glad they can through it together, and be supported.   People should never have to fight for the love of themselves and others, and possibly fear their safety.

I can only hope that my children will authentically cultivate and foster a love for themselves and the life around them in an empathetic, non-judgemental and compassionate manner.  Respect and be inspired those who choose to walk down different paths then them, and guide and empower others to learn how to love and be at peace with the life they have chosen.  


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