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I have gone through this two other times, you would think that I would be good at my kids growing up.  Nope, it never gets easier.

My last baby, or not so baby anymore, even though she always will be… is trying to grow up so fast.  I struggled with my middle child growing up.  He just wanted to be so independent.  I had to watch him make choices, and let him fall a few times, and be there to support him.  It hurt, and this last child is no better.

All the magic in having a young child, and the innocence has almost disappeared.  She speaks an entirely different language that I am trying to learn on the fly.  Not doing so well, let me tell you.

She heads up stairs, and you can hear her talking to all her different friends, enjoying her time that she plays with them.  Or she plays ringette, working hard to be better then she was the last time – having that little girl disappear as she wakes up each day.

I get side eyed here, ya you know that look,  and the silience can somedays be just as deafening.  I know she is still in there, my baby girl, because I can still connect with her.  She hasn’t fully left me, but it makes me yearn for those days gone by, when she would cuddle on the couch with me, or look up to me, and would think I was the smartest person ever.

Then, I saw this video from McDonald’s – UK, and let me tell you, it hit the heartstrings.  It also still reminds me, there is hope for that connection, that I am not imagining it.

This video is such a great reminder for all of us to tap into our inner child, no matter our age.  It can be hard for anyone, but I feel especially for teens are trying to grow up, and meet their society’s standards of how cool it is to be an adult.  Adults are exhausted from adulting, and to meet their inner child feels like another chore.

To sum this up… I am grateful for my connection with my children, and look forward to the holiday season, even though it may not look like what it used to.

I am not affiliated with McDonald’s UK.

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